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Who is the "Mamabear," of Mambear Lunch?

Meet Marijane Ricchiuto who mhas been preparing delicious meals for family and friends mfor many, many years.

Fifteen years ago she stepped away from managing a delicatessen to open her own catering company. For the past decade she has been running the cafeteria at Salesian High School, in Richmond, CA, and catering for local schools, organizations, and private events throughout the Bay Area. Mamabear lunch began running the school lunch program at St. John School in El Cerrito Calif. in 2014 and everyone at Mamabear lunch is excited to continue their goal of providing healthy and delicious meals for your children.

Marijane started to take on parent leadership roles at St. David School and Salesian High School when her own children were enrolled there. All three of her children are alumni of each school. She is happy to play a part in these school to this day. One of the programs that Marijane is most excited about is Mamabear Lunch's "Harvest of the Month." This program highlights a different seasonal fruit or vegetable in the menu each month. Children will have the opportunity to learn more about these fruits and vegetables.

Families will receive recipes for home cooked meals that will be easy to recreate at home. Mamabear Lunch has a registered dietitian on staff to help with any nutritional or special dietary needs your son or daughter may have.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to email Marijane directly at info@mamabearlunch.com



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