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How To Use This Website

This website is for parents who have children participating in the breakfast and/or lunch programs at schools in Richmond, El Sobrante and El Cerrito, California.
Every parent should use this website to create a breakfast or lunch menu for each child they have in any of our schools.
Parents can add separate menu items for each child or add a single menu item for all the children they have in the program.
Each menu item costs $5.50 and comes with a choice of water or 2% milk, a side dish, and a Healthy Snack from the snack basket.


Emergency Lunches:

Emergency lunches are available if a parent has forgotten to order a lunch for their child.
The cost of $6.00 for the emergency lunch will be billed to you at the end of the menu month.

To begin creating menus, click the Login / Register button at the top of the page.
Parents new to this website must create an access account by filling out the registration form with all the required information.

A valid email address is required!

Create an Account or Login

On the registration page, please fill in all fields.

Create an Account or Login

It is very important to select your child/children's school and grade. This insures that they get the correct menu!

Add your Children Information

When the registration process is complete...

Login to your account and click on the month that you want to create a menu for. For example, if you want to create a lunch menu for August you would click on the August link, for September you would click on the September link, etc.

Note: You can click on the month menu link at any time but you must be logged in to see the prices, more information and to pay for your menu items .

Click on the Month

When you click on the month you will see a calendar styled grid with the days of the week for that month. Select any day of the weekand the next page will show the menu items available for that day.

Click on the Day of the Week

Click on menu item to add a beverage and your child .

Select your Menu Item

When you are finished selecting your menu items, beverages and child's info you can click on the Add to Cart button.
Click on the Continue Shopping button to repeat the process.
When you are satisfied with your menu you can then click on the Checkout button to start the payment process.

Select your Beverage and Child
Continue Shopping or Checkout

The next page allows you to check your menu item, apply any coupons that you may have and add any special intructions or allergy alerts.

Review your Order

When you click on "Continue" you can review your menu items. You can check billing address and menu items.
The payment method is Paypal but if you don't have a Paypal accout you can pay with a credit card on that page.

Confirm your Order

We use PayPal to process all our payments, so it is important that your address here matches the address on your credit card or your PayPal account. You will see the contents of your shopping cart and the total amount due. If you want to change a menu item, you can click on the edit button in this section to do so. You will see the coupon section, where you can input any discount coupon codes you have.
Lastly, you will see the special instructions section. Here you can give us any special instructions regarding your child, any allergies your child may have or any comments that you may have regarding the menu.

Note: Please do not use this section for suggestions or general comments!
Please use the Contact Us page for that.

The next page will take you to the PayPal payment section. Our website contains SSL security features along with other measures to ensure the safety and security of your information. We do not allow any other third-party access to your information. Fill out all of the information on the PayPal side and follow the instructions on the screen. When you have completed the payment process you will get an email confirming the lunch menu and then you are done.

Note: Again, you do not need a PayPal account in order to complete the payment process.

To Recap:

• Fill out the registration form and create an access account.
• Login and click on the month menu link.
• Click on the day you want a menu item.
• Select your menu item, add a beverage and your child's information then click Add to Cart to create a shopping cart.
• Click on the Checkout button to start the payment process. Enter any special instructions, child allergies or menu comments.
• Review your information.
• Click on the Confirm button to go to PayPal.
• Pay for your menu items.
• Check your email for the confirmation and you are done!

Cancellations and Refunds

We understand that there are certain conditions that may require you to cancel a lunch or lunches for your child/children.
To receive a full credit for a cancelled lunch you must contact us by 5pm the school day before. 5 pm is the absolute deadline for full credit, no exceptions!!
To receive half credit for a cancelled lunch you must contact us between 5pm the school day before and 8am the day the lunch is to be served.
You will receive a credit refund for cancelled lunches at the end of the menu month.
To cancel a lunch, use our Contact Us form so that your cancellation can be date and time stamped. Again, there are absolutely no exceptions to the cancellation process.

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